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St. Cyprians' Preparatory Boys' School was founded by Canon Gordon Hazlewood with just 42 students at George Street, Belleville, in 1959.

Fifty years later it has a roll of 234 students - a small roll, but one which enables individual attention.  The Principal and Staff know every student by name and what difficulty, if any, he may be experiencing. 

The criteria for admission are centred on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The earlier the parents registered their children the better.

In 1986 a Company was formed with a five member Board of Directors.  Canon Hazlewood was appointed Chairman and Mrs. Patricia Small Secretary of the Company.  After the death of Canon Hazlewood in October 1990, Mrs. Patricia Small, a Banker by profession, took over the Chairmanship of the Company.  Mrs. Small's association with the School commenced in 1977. 

Founder's dream comes true

Canon Gordon Hazlewood founded and managed St. Cyprian's Preparatory Boys' School from its inception in 1959.

He came to Barbados in 1934 as Senior Curate of St. Michael's Cathedral, becoming the Dean there in 1939.  He served in that capacity for some 21 years.  During that period the Cathedral parish included the diocese of All Souls and St. Cyprian's churches.

It was not surprising therefore that when the building adjacent to St. Cyprian's Church became vacant, he took the initiative to put it to good use, starting a school for boys.

Canon Hazlewood took an active part in educating students.  Every Wednesday morning he conducted a Religious education period with the boys.

In 1985, however, he realised that in order for the school to continue as a going concern, he would need to have a formal board in train.  As a result, the school was incorporated and a five-member Board of Directors elected.  It is interesting to note that two of these members - Dr. Derek Griffith and Trevor Pinto were former pupils of the school.

The consecration of the school's chapel by the Bishop - the Right Reverend Drexel Gomez - on October 18, 1989 seems to be the zenith of the Canon's association with the school.  He acknowledges it was a dream come true.

His sister, Zoe Leola Hazlewood, was very instrumental in helping him raise funds for the institution over the years and must be commended for her efforts.

His name is synonymous with St. Cyprian's.  In fact, the new chapel named in his honour, bears his portrait done by medical practitioner, Mr. Andrew Sears, one of the numerous parents so proud to be associated with this outstanding school. 

Our Original School

St. Cyprian's Opens - Day One

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1959 - Birth of St. Cyprian's Preparatory Boys' School