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St. Cyprian's Preparatory Boys' School

Sure And Steady Must Succeed

Sure And Steady Must Succeed

Sure And Steady Must SucceedSure And Steady Must SucceedSure And Steady Must Succeed



Our Program 


The School Curriculum reflects our strong commitment to academic excellence. In addition to the traditional subjects of Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Poetry, and Social Studies, students take classes in Art, Computer Studies, French, Spanish, Music, and Physical Education.  Our program also includes a variety of extracurricular activities including Choir, Cubs, and Taekwondo.


Striving to develop each child's ability to observe, record and interpret the world they live in, the art program seeks to enable students to "see" the world through artist's eyes.  Our Art program challenges students to use their developing skills to engage in creative problem solving.

Computer Education 

Computer skills are taught throughout the School in regularly scheduled classes.  Technology is integrated at all grade levels across the curricular areas of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math through a variety of software programs.  Word processing and keyboarding skills are taught.  The Internet is used for research and online projects at every grade level.

Foreign Language 

In an effort to prepare our students for both academic pursuits using languages and for career and social involvement in our global community, we offer Spanish classes.  

Language Arts 

The Language Arts program seeks to strengthen each student's communication skills.  The sequential curriculum provides daily experiences in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Students are encouraged to express ideas orally and to listen effectively in all areas of Language Arts.  Reading is taught through a variety of approaches, and children are encouraged to read with different purposes.  Reading and writing are taught as interdependent skills throughout the grade levels.  Vocabulary building, grammar, and the mechanics of language are presented as integral parts of the language arts program.  Communication is basic to every area of learning; therefore, language arts units are often correlated with other areas such as social studies, science, art, and music.


St. Cyprian's School recognizes the impact that early learning experiences have on students' perceptions of themselves as mathematical thinkers.  Therefore, the school considers its mathematical learning environment critical: students should feel a genuine curiosity about the problems they encounter and should approach tasks with confidence and delight in their abilities.

Curriculum topics include numeration and counting, plane and solid geometry, measurement, operations, and data analysis.  The application of mathematics in realistic contexts is heavily emphasized; social studies, science, and language studies are integrated frequently in math lessons.

Moral Education 

Daily devotions.  Our goal is that all students will gain both understanding of the relevance of the Bible to our lives today and personal insight into making responsible decisions.


Music enriches and delights every child in ways related to his or her stage of development. In addition to the general music classes, third, and fourth, grade students have the opportunity after school to participate in the choir.

Physical Education 

The Physical Education program provides every student an opportunity for skill improvement in a developmentally appropriate environment. 


Teachers conduct lessons in the classroom.  Many methods are used to capture the students' natural interests and curiosity, including demonstrations, guest lectures, art, activities, observation of wildlife habitats, written and oral reports, research, and computer applications.

Social Studies 

The social studies curriculum is primarily concerned with developing each student's awareness of self and his or her place in our ever-changing world.  Content is drawn from the basic social science disciplines of history, geography, political science, economics, and sociology.  The program is integrated into other curricular areas through encouraging the development of a more global view in each student's approach to life. 


We take pride in our strong academic reputation. We have eight (8) forms: 

Form 4

Form 3 

Form 2

Form 1

Kindergarten 4

Kindergarten 3

Kindergarten 2

Kindergarten 1

Each form can accommodate a maximum of 35 students.

Areas of Concentration


  • Art & Craft
  • Composition
  • Comprehension
  • Dictation
  • English
  • General Science
  • Grammar
  • Health Education
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Moral Education
  • Music Instrumental
  • Music Theory
  • Physical Education
  • Reading
  • Social Studies
  • Spanish
  • Spelling & Vocabulary
  • Technology

We are dedicated to teaching a child as much as possible during each class. Our classrooms are an open and friendly setting that allow students to contribute.

Our admissions process has led to our reputation as a leading academic institution. 

Files coming soon.

Calendar of Events


St. Cyprian’s Boys’ School

Calendar of Events

Michaelmas Term 2019

Please note the upcoming events for the term:


Date                                            Event


Friday 18th  October 2019                                             Teachers’ Professional   Day




Monday 21st  October 2019

Form Level Meeting

KG1   & FORM 1

1:30   p.m.



Tuesday 22nd  October 2019

Form Level Meeting

KG2   & FORM 2 

1:30   p.m.



Wednesday 23rd  October 2019

Form Level Meeting

KG   3 & FORM 3

1:30   p.m.



Thursday 24th October   2019

Form Level Meeting

KG   4

1:30   p.m.



Monday 28th  October 2019

Form Level Meeting 

FORM   4

1:30   p.m.



Friday 22nd  November 2019

Independence Programme


5:00   p.m.



Friday 29th  November 2019





Saturday 30th  November 2019




Friday 6th  December 2019

Christmas Concert


4:00   p.m.



Thursday 12th  December 2019





Herman Griffith Cricket   Tournament



Road Tennis Competition


Tuesday 5th &   Friday 15th November 2019

Purity Swimming   Championship