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St. Cyprian's Preparatory Boys' School

Sure And Steady Must Succeed

Sure And Steady Must Succeed

Sure And Steady Must SucceedSure And Steady Must SucceedSure And Steady Must Succeed

Celebrating 60 Years



In 1985 Canon Hazlewood requested the assistance and knowledge of Mrs. Patricia Small in carrying the School forward. She considered this an honour and has carried on the wishes of the Late Canon Hazlewood.

Canon Hazlewood ‘planted’ the School but Mrs. Patricia Small has ‘nurtured’ it.  Now twenty-nine years later…

In 1998 as a senior Manager at Barclays Bank, Mrs. Small terminated thirty-one years of service. For two years after she joined Canadian Bank of Commerce as a Consultant. In 2000 she closed her banking career and retired. This gave her more time to dedicate to St. Cyprian’s School. In 2001 she emigrated to Canada but was requested by the Board of Directors to carry on as Chairman of the School. She agreed and has been performing her duties from her new home in Canada since then. This has required her to visit the Island each term since then.


Several Principals have assisted her at the School. Everton Gaskin, Alvin Barnett, Andrew Alleyne, Carol Bourne, Carlisle Ramsay and currently Dave Layne. They all contributed to the development of the School but it was and has been the youthful Dave Layne who has pushed the school to higher heights.

Mr. Layne committed, “Mrs. Small is the ‘Boss’, a real boss, and a mother figure. She is in full control. She has taken me from a babe to what I am today. I will forever be indebted to her for the vast amount of knowledge and guidance she has given me. I thank her immensely. I know one day, and I hope it is not posthumous that she will be recognized in our society as a beacon in the education area. As our motto states – ‘Sure And Steady Must Succeed’, she has literally demonstrated this in all areas.”


An outstanding banker and leader Mrs. Small is also cognizant in the construction area. She has acquired a knowledge and understanding of construction building and maintenance, She has often been seen ‘tutoring’ Contractors is what should and should not be done. She may not be able to drive a nail or set a concrete block but she knows exactly what should be done. Her love for buildings has driven her to take the school property from a small outdoor building at the St. Cyprian’s Church in 1986 to an eye pleasing structure at Brittons Cross Road.

In 1986 Mrs. Small realised the need for a proper school building. She lead a committee in an effort to find a new dwelling place which they can call HOME. After several trips and visits the finally found a property at Brittons Cross Road. She immediately went about plans to restore the building making it adequate for the school’s requirement. Today that structure she acquired bears little resemblance to the current building. It has grown from a solitary main building to a spacious compound comprising of nine active classrooms, a Principal’s office, general offices, staff room, a chapel, a lab, a recreation center and a cafeteria.

August 2010 was a trying and testing time. We were in close proximity of the ‘Arch Hall Cave In’. This occurred less than two weeks before school was scheduled to be reopened for the September term and all looked bleak for us. For sure we would have had to delay the reopening of school. This was scripted but what we did not remember was the name Pat Small. The chairman on receiving the news immediately commenced proceedings to find a temporarily building. She was assisted in her venture by the Reverend at St. Cyprian’s Church Rev. ….. who offered us the usage of our former property. We also received the assistance of the Anglican Church who offered a chapel at the Diocesan Compound. Cramped as they were we had no choice and we made the best of it. Sure and Steady we quickly build two prefab form rooms and completely fenced the area. Meanwhile test were carried on our school site at Arch Cot and two sets of test holes were drilled confirming the safety of the building. A year later we resume our rightful place at Brittons Cross Road.

Mrs. Small, “God has been good to us during the years. Without his help and guidance we would never have made it. For this we give special thanks.”


Over the years we have had a very helpful and dedicated group of staff members. Last December Mrs. Jean Toppin resigned after 42 years of service. Mrs. Valarie Sandiford with 33 years of service is now our longest standing member.

In order to have a successful Institution first we need to have good surroundings. Our maintenance team lead by former employee Arrindale Small and currently comprising Mr. Ian Grant and Mr. Jews Everton Decourcey Weekes have carried on the good work.

Our Teaching staff has been exceptional. End of the year results (Eleven Plus Exam) is testimony to this. Our Secretary – the least said the better. Without her we could not be as professional as we are. Thanks Mrs. Layne-Hurdle.

Common Entrance

Over the years we have been consistently among the top ten overall. In 2018 we produced the student with the highest marks overall and another student with a perfect mark in Mathematics. Grades throughout the school continue to be well above average.


In spite of not having a pasture large enough to play competitive cricket and soccer games, we still show we are a school to be watched. We have reached the finals and semi in both sports. In Road-Tennis we have had a wonderful run while we have held our own in Swimming and Chess. Our Physical Education Teacher Mr. Greaves has done a wonderful job.


We now have our own school compound. 

With pride in this 60th year of St. Cyprian’s Boys’ we can look back at our many achievements, and be proud. We are happy to have produced such great students who have now gone on to greater heights in our own and other countries.

Without the dedicated hard work, of Mrs. Patricia Small we would not have reached such heights. A firm no-nonsense boss, but a lady who always have her staff at heart. 

Mrs. Patricia Agnelia Small - 1977 – 1986 Board Member of St. Cyprian’s School

Mrs. Patricia Agnelia Small - 1986 - 1990 Secretary of St. Cyprian’s School

Mrs. Patricia Agnelia Small - 1990 - Present Chairman St. Cyprian’s Preparatory Boys’ School.

Truly a dedicated lady.

May God Continue To Richly Bless Her.

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Our Path Down Memory Lane

The Early Days...

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