Mrs. Pat Small (Chairman) - 50th Anniversary Message 

Turning 50 is a major milestone for any organization.  I am pleased to be part of this special occasion to celebrate with the students, parents, staff, and fellow board members this golden milestone.  

Over the past 50 years St. Cyprian's Preparatory Boys' School has offered quality education to several young Barbadians who have excelled in this community. The school is a highly sought after institution focusing on discipline, excellence and character development.

St. Cyprian's Boys' School has benefitted from a succession of Principals - Ms. Annie Inniss, Rev. Jimmy Springer, Rev Inniss, Mr. Waldo Jones, Mr. Everton Gaskin, Mr. Alvin Barnett, Mr. Carlisle Ramsay and the current Principal, Mr. Dave Layne who have brought the school to where it is today.  I would also like to acknowledge the good work of the teachers who taught students not only to excel academically but who encouraged them to face the future with fortitude and confidence.

Special mention must be made of the PTA body for the role they continue to play in the school's success and to the auxiliary staff who gives valuable support to the organization. But foremost, we must express our appreciation to all the students who have passed through our doors and to their parents and guardians who gave their support and cooperation over the years.

Current challenges make great demands on private educational institutions. However, we remain committed to providing a sound education to boys from ages 3 to 11 plus. Our founder, Canon Gordon Hazlewood's last wish for St. Cyprian's School was that it will always remain an educational institution for boys unless regulations dictate otherwise. Canon Hazlewood died in October 1990.

Now is the time for us to reflect on our journey thus far and also take a look at our future. It is our aim that students who  continue to pass through our doors will leave our institution with adequate knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will take them to the next level of life. At St. Cyprian's, we care for our students and we continue to provide them with a rounded education and create an environment that is creative and challenging.

Special thanks to my fellow Board Members, David Murray, Trevor Pinto, Hal Hunte, and George Edghill for their valuable support to the school.

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Chairman 2017 Report


Chairman's Report - 2017

Brief History

In 1977 the late Canon Gordon Hazelwood extended an invitation to me to become a member of the Board of Management of the St. Cyprian's Preparatory Boys' School.  I readily accepted the offer. In 1986, a company was formed to take over the current operations so as to ensure the continuation of the School. Mr. Trevor Pinto who was appointed as one of the Directors of the company is still with us today. In 1987, the School was re-located from its original site in Belleville to its current location. Sadly, Canon Hazelwood passed away in 1990.  Canon David Murray subsequently took up the vacant position on the Board. In 2006, Mr. George Edghill also became a Director.


To our teaching staff, the board appreciates your loyalty and dedication. Some of our staff have been with the institution for over forty years. The ancillary staff also lend their support to the fullest. Our appreciation also goes out to Reverend King from St. Cyprians Anglican Church who visits the School on a weekly basis for devotion with the students.  I also extend appreciation to my husband, Tyrone Small -you have given me valuable support behind the scenes with administrative matters. I could not have lasted this long without your help. Finally, to our Principal who gives 100% at all times, you are encouraged to keep up the good work. 


As per the founder's wishes the School has remained an all-boys institution. It strives to provide an all-round education to all students. Not only do we stress on the importance of academic subjects but wherever possible our boys are exposed to various games and other disciplines. We continue to work with many dedicated parents who go beyond the call of duty to assist wherever and whenever possible. To them, we extend our appreciation.


I am pleased to say that I have now completed forty (40) years of dedicated service with St. Cyprian's Preparatory Boys' School. It has been a long and challenging journey but one that I have enjoyed and cherished.

On behalf of my fellow Board members, Mr. Trevor Pinto, Mr. George Edghill and Canon David Murray, I wish you God's blessings.

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